Thoughts on Covid-19 from a Business Owner

Kris Sutton

Kris Sutton

StoryBrand Guide. Marketing Storyteller and Strategist.

Thoughts on Covid-19 From a Business Owner

Looking for the Silver Lining

Many thoughts are swirling around in my head, especially as a small business owner. I would imagine that you have been thinking a lot as well.

My thought process has been something like this. See if you can relate:
  1. Part of me wants to hide under my covers and stay safe from this scary virus.
  2. Part sees the social responsibility to keep others safe and not put our healthcare system in danger. I should do my part to limit the spread by staying home
  3. Part worries about the economic impacts to my clients, colleagues, and myself as these measures grind many businesses to a halt
  4. Part looks for opportunities for my clients, colleagues, and myself so that we can survive and thrive since that is the primary job of the brain. How can we pivot to the new reality and be perhaps even more successful than we were doing useful work that matters?
  5. Part doesn’t want to come across as insensitive as people are seeking to protect themselves and may have family members becoming ill.
  6. I am being financially pragmatic and looking at the types of professions, industries, and personalities who will and won’t spend money on marketing their businesses. I am also looking at my 2020 financial projections and making adjustments, knowing that I need to make some painful adjustments. I am hoping that this will only affect Q2 but know that it could go beyond and preparing for a new reality online.
  7. I am trying to balance optimism with realism while keeping my inner New Waver (a Goth that listened to electronic music) at bay because there is an anxious/depressed person deep in there. Long live Depeche Mode!
  8. I am reading about resilience to keep my mind in a healthier place. I am writing out my thoughts so that I’m not overwhelmed by them.
What I am doing:
  1. Making cuts to any subscriptions, groups, software, that I’m not using or that I can pick up again.
  2. Using this time to get caught up on any work that I’ve felt behind on.
  3. Connecting with my StoryBrand community because they are positive, can-do people who are literally called “Guides” because we are meant to embody that spirit for those we serve.
  4. Positioning my business to be stronger than ever when we come out of this.
  5. Pivoting my own promotional marketing from event-based to digital (i.e., social, ads, landing pages, email funnels).
  6. Creating a course called “Electrify Your Pivot” to help business owners make the shifts they need to make so that they can be successful in the “new normal.”
  7. Creating a new, even more, affordable web design offering for small businesses that have been priced out of WordPress websites.
The Silver Lining:
  1. I can draw on my experience from going through post-9/11 as a business owner and the 2008 recession to help other business owners to navigate the uncertainty.
  2. I can grow my skills as a marketer and leader.
  3. I can expand my offerings to people through a course.
How to think about Covid-19:

I think many of us will eventually get Covid-19, and it won’t be bad. Some experts say 20-60% of the US Population will get it. However, we need to slow the spread of it so the health care system can deal with the surge. I don’t need to be afraid of getting it. I need to try not to get it or spread it to help prevent vulnerable people (like my mom and sister) from getting it. So I am mindful of my actions.

What’s your thought process? What are you doing? What’s your silver lining?

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