Ideal Customer Profile – How to Create One with Marketing Coach Kris Sutton

How to Create an Ideal Customer Profile


Ideal customer profile

Do you have an ideal customer profile for your business? It’s easier than you think and will clarify your marketing strategy going forward. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • Are you wasting time with untargeted marketing efforts?
  • Is a lack of clarity keeping you from connecting with your perfect customers?

Create an Ideal Customer Profile

There are several aspects to defining your ideal customer. As a marketing coach I can’t tell you how often people tell me their ideal customers are “anyone who will pay.” While I don’t encourage people to turn down paying work, it is good to know who your IDEAL customers are.

  • Who do you enjoy working with the most? Who is the easiest to work with for you? Who sees your value? Who would you like to work with? What are their common attributes?
  • What industries are they in? Are they in insurance, healthcare, automotive, meetings, construction, or plumbing, to name a few?
  • What are their professions? Are they leaders, sales professionals, massage therapists, business owners, or customer service representatives?
  • What is the company size, number of employees, location(s), and annual revenue?

The answers to these questions help you to develop your ideal customer profile. You don’t have to pigeon-hole (what a weird phrase) yourself into one vertical. You can have a few. But since we are targeting our marketing we may as well target people we actually LIKE!

And…again…if someone comes along and wants to pay you outside of this target zone and they aren’t a pain in the bootay to work with then go for it!

Ideal Customer Drivers

Now that you’ve narrowed it down to a few industries and professions, let’s get to know what drives the our ideal customers.

  • What are their frustrations? What motivated them to pick up the phone, ask a friend for a referral, or search online for a solution?
  • What are their fears or pain points? Are they afraid all solution providers are out to get them? Are they afraid to make a decision? Are they afraid life will get worse if they don’t get this taken care of right away? These are all very different fears that would be addressed differently in your marketing copy.
  • What are their hopes? How do they hope you can help them? What do they hope can happen as a result of your work together? Do you know this information? Find out from your past ideal customers.
  • How do your existing customers use your product or service? Different groups of customers may use your products or services in different ways. This may change how you market to each group?
  • Why do you choose these customers? What is it about these ideal customers that makes you want to connect to them? Is it emotional? Financial? Intellectual? 


By creating your ideal customer profile you will be ahead of your competitors. You will have clarity and focus when you develop your marketing message, materials, and promotional planning.

In the end there is no right ideal customer, there is only who is right for you. Doing your homework to get clarity about your ideal customer will improve your marketing efforts and ultimately help you close more deals.

Kris Sutton is a marketing coach who works with small business to connect with their perfect customers. To learn how to take your marketing to the next level contact Kris at https://www.electrifyyourmarketing.com.


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