Kris Sutton – What’s in a Name?

Kris Sutton

Kris Sutton

Yes, my name is Kris Sutton. It’s also Kris O’Shea. That’s right, I’m going through a name change. And that’s really fun in the world of SEO. For years I had great Google Juice for the name Kris O’Shea. If you typed in Kris O’Shea the entire first two pages of Google were almost entirely mine.


Now that I’m changing it to Kris Sutton I have to compete with a realtor and a solar person with the same name for that front page Google spot. And being named Kris I also have to contend with guys named Kris. I always thought of guys have the Chris spelling and girls having the Kris spelling. Then I remembered there’s Kris Kringle. I guess I was wrong!

Kris O’Shea

As Kris O’Shea I toured the country presenting humorous motivational keynote programs to Fortune 500 companies and associations. I was fortunate enough to be voted one of the Top 5 Entertainment Keynote Speakers 4 consecutive years and have a YouTube channel that had just shy of a half-million viewers. I ran that business for 15 years with my ex-husband, presenting as a comedy duo and doing our marketing.


Kris Sutton Marketing Strategy Coach

As Kris Sutton I work with small businesses and professional speakers who want to take their marketing to the next level so they can connect to their perfect clients. My clients range from beginning speakers to authors to mortgage lenders to accountants. It is a joyful experience seeing clients become empowered as they learn about how to really take their marketing to the next level so they can connect with their ideal clients!


Kris Sutton Denver Colorado

Life takes twists and turns and you never know where your career may take you. You also don’t know what name you may have! One day you may be Kris O’Shea…the next you are Kris Sutton! Of one thing I can assure you: I will not be changing my name again. The process is brutal. My lane is marketing and communication, not legal hoops!

So if you are looking for the Kris Sutton who is a marketing person who lives in Denver you are in the right place. Also, if you are looking for Kris O’Shea who was a funny motivational speaker with the O’Shea Report, yes, you are in the right place.


Kris Sutton is a marketing coach who works with small business to connect with their perfect customers. To learn how to take your marketing to the next level contact Kris at https://www.electrifyyourmarketing.com.


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