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Our talented team of marketing professionals works with our clients to create electrifying outcomes! The results? Happy customers. Have a look...

Brand Messaging

Work with Kris to get clarity on your marketing message. 

Use that distinct messaging on your website, your sales calls, in emails, social media, and print marketing. 

Your message is the foundation is all of your marketing. Start here first!

Lisa Alecci worked with Kris to clarify her marketing message. As an ADHD coach she wanted help with her elevator pitch, tag-line, and sales message. Lisa and Kris went through the StoryBrand process to create precise copy that would speak to her potential clients' needs. We are in the process of using her messaging to create a website next!

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Sure you could get the kid up the street to make you a website, but what will it say about you to your potential clients?

An engaging website with a clear message is essential for business owners today. With the clutter online, you have to breakthrough. 

Work with a team that has the know-how to communicate your value with clarity.

Motivational Speaker Website

Karyn Ruth worked with Kris using the StoryBrand method to create a clear brand message that was client-centric, while drawing on her talents. Then Kris developed a one-page, scrolling website to sell her most popular keynote program.

Karyn Ruth says, "Kris Sutton will help you see your brand message more clearly than you ever thought possible."

Wellness Website

Chris Volesky worked with the Electrify team to get a website that works!

Starting with Kris, they collaborated to develop themes that capture his target demographic's needs and desires. Next, Kris wireframed (laid-out on software) a homepage design to tell his patients' story. Finally, Chris worked with team member, Brian, to finalize his vision for a website.

The outcome? Chris says, "Kris is amazing. She knows so much about proper marketing and website setup. Just seeing what she has done for other clients, I would have felt foolish not to enlist her help. Very glad I did!"

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