Positioning Statements for Small Businesses

Do you ever feel like you come across as just like everyone else?

Do you struggle to differentiate yourself from your competition?

Do you know you have something different, that’s of value to offer, but you struggle to articulate it?

It’s time to learn the power of positioning.


Positioning is best described by advertising legend David Ogilvy as “What a product (or service) does and who it is for.”


So let’s apply the power of positioning to a formula that I like to use with my clients for a positioning statement:


Positioning Statement=


Category + Audience + Results + (How)


People need to be able to put you in a category in their mind because we have so much information coming at us that we are completely overwhelmed.


So that’s why I tell my clients, “tell me exactly what you do. Don’t make me guess.”


Now there are a lot of marketing gurus out there who say:

Don’t say you’re a dentist, say, “I’m a tooth optimization specialist.”


Now if I’m at a party and you say, “I’m a tooth optimization specialist,” please forgive me if I start laughing or go hide under a table because seriously I just can’t take it.


Pllllleeeeeeaaaaaassssse just tell me you are a dentist!


Don’t get fancy on me!




Don’t make me think.


Put yourself in a category

I need to know how to mentally file you because I’ve got too much stuff coming into my mind.


We are all drinking from a fire hose…no we are drinking from Niagara Falls.


So what’s your category?

It doesn’t have to be extravagant; it doesn’t have to be unique.

It has to be relatable.

Or for the hashtaggers out there what’s your hashtag?



Next we go to the audience because I want to know who you work with.

So who do you work with?

Do you work with insurance agents?

Do you work with millennials?

Do you work with Fortune 500 companies?

Do you work with rodeo clowns?


That starts to differentiate you.


It helps me to be able to refer you.


Then we look at the results.

That then gives you value.

Do you increase revenue?

Do you decrease turnover?

Do you streamline payroll processes?


Results give you power!


Finally we go to how.

The how is bonus.


We really could just do category, plus audience plus result, and call it good there, but if you want to really differentiate yourself add the how.


An example would be:


I’m a wellness coach who works with millennials to change their relationship with their bodies through improved diet and exercise.


I’m an estate planning attorney who works primarily with women over forty to protect their property through asset protection, probate, wills and trusts.


For my business I say:

I’m a marketing coach who works with small businesses and speakers to get more clients through private and group coaching.

The goal is:

  • To allow people to put you in a category in their brain
  • To help people understand who you work with
  • To be results focused
  • To easily and succinctly explain how you work your magic

So now it’s your turn…

How can you use this positioning formula to help you explain what you do more easily?

Positioning Statement=


Category + Audience + Results + (How)


Share your results in the comments below!




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